My story

Kelsea is a lifestyle mentor with a multifaceted approach to her craft, her focus lies in helping them to find their strength and empowering them with tools for both the physical and mental benefit. This approach ensures a mental, emotional and physical transformation. Her true passion is teaching women how to live confidently and without fear by implementing simple and sustainable practices that work for anyone’s life.

Born and raised in Texas, she has a fierce high energy style that she brings to her teachings. When she speaks she is engaging and creates a specific vision for her audience. She now resides in Florida with her husband Eric and two children, Cameron and Brooklyn. Her path to leadership began in the fitness industry in 2011, working on physical transformations. She started her own company Team Proscience in 2012 as she saw the need for something greater to be achieved in that space. After years of working with hundreds of women all over the world she became determined to make a difference in a unique way and knew she needed to create a different path. She breaks down barriers and goes after what she wants while teaching women to do the same.

She brings the experience of one on one connection with clients that has created transformations all over the world. Bringing this one on one approach to a larger platform enables her audience and clients to feel heard and seen. Her eagerness and determination to continue to rise through every obstacle has motivated and inspired many. Her story is noteworthy not because of her achievements but the challenges she’s faced along the way. She promotes balanced-living and being the leader of your own life.