Kelsea is a speaker and ICF certified life coach who gives women sustainable tools to run their lives without fear and find happiness. Since 2012 she has worked with women all over the world through her coaching practice to establish better habits, develop self-confidence and see the possibilities in their future. She has built an online community that she engages with regularly. Her ability to connect with women has helped her build a place of trust to create changes that last. She is passionate about helping others to see the value that they hold and teach them how to live empowered courageous lives.

"I have had the opportunity to hear Kelsea Koenreich speak on several occasions and I must say she is phenomenal. She is truly passionate and has the ability to captivate a room within seconds. Every Time I've had the opportunity to hear her speak she was able to get the audience to engage. Some individuals are just blessed with the ability to speak, enticing the listener to want to hear more; Kelsea is most definitely one of those people. Throughout my profession, I have had the opportunity to hear multiple speakers and I can honestly say that Kelsea is one to be remembered. I would highly recommend her for speaking events."
Devin Epps
Client Coordinator, Teen Court of Sarasota, Inc.